Rose Gold Wrist Watch Men

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The rose gold wrist watch men is worth 50 dollars. The color of this watch is rather unique as well – white brown. This watch by YAZOLE is capable of resisting water to 3Bar. The case of this luxury fashion watch is round. The band has been made from leather and as such this watch is as casual and fashionable as it gets. It has a buckle clasp and the diameter of the dial is 4.28 mm. The case of this watch has been made from stainless steel and its thickness is 12.8 mm thick. The band of this watch is 20 mm thick.

As the name of the product states it is meant mainly for men. The dial window of this watch has been made from glass and its band is 24 cm long. As has been said already, the color of this watch lends it a unique appeal. Coupled with its various other characteristics, this gives the watch is a timeless appeal.